Monday: Kpop girls FFA!!

Kpop girls FFA!!!

Sorry the post is early/not fabulous. My laptop out of commission until I get a new cord. So for now I am using my girlfriends iPod and maybe even her laptop.

Go ahead and post your favorite gif/image/macro of your favorite female Kpop stars!! One gif per comment and two images per comment (Howe er you may post as many times as you want!! Have fun and spam away!!

MOD POST: Why hello everyone! Omona_Ham is back up! Changes and updates!


If you haven't noticed yet (which you probably haven't) I've taken over Omona_Ham as the new moderator! This place hasn't been active in a REALLY long time so I want to try and get this place alive and moving again. For those of you who don't know me:

Hi! I'm Jamie and I'm 24 and a social work major working toward my masters. I've been in Kpop for 10 years now and have seen and gone though the many changes it has gone through. I'm dating a wonderful woman who takes up a little part of my time, but for the most part other than being very busy/having a life OUTSIDE of the internet world, I am here very often. If you ever need anything, if I don't get to you right away, I will within the day you ask. Any important mod posts (which honestly-This is O_Ham, they won't need to happen that often) will be under !Listen up! Jamie is shouting!.

That being said, one of the changes that I plan on making to here: There will be daily FFA posts. This is a spamming community, FFA's are for spamming. In between that you can make any posts you guys want for people to spam you with.Got it? Good =D

Here is what the themed FFA days will be-Each post will be made at 9:30PM Eastern time(-If I am late, I apologize):

Monday: Kpop girls!
Tuesday: Kpop Boys!
Wednesday: NSFW Wednesday (this post will be behind a cut for those who are under age and so on)
Thursday: FFA-Post whatever you want
Friday: Your favorite gif/macro/picture of the week


The only rules that I will enforce the most are- all NSFW posts need to be under a cut (duh) and that no more than 1 gif per comment and 2 pictures/macros per comment. Comment as MANY times as you want, but keep in mind for those who have slow running computers.

ALSO! I will open up membership here for the next 2 weeks for anyone who wants to join. We need to be active again!

Any questions? Feel free to use this post to ask them.
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I'm too much of a lazy ass to go through youtube and find any videos of them. Like interviews, variety shows, etc. I got into them in November because of their music, but I've never watched videos that show their personalities.

So can you spam/ham me with variety shows and interviews of them? :D

thanks! :3

guys why is this comm so dead
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Creepers I'm calling you out!

So I have a shameful secret to share with you. For some reason I love pictures of Donghae sleeping. It could be coz he looks so sweet and innocent.

See? Look at that sweet little pumpkin!

Or maybe its for other reasons...
Collapse )

So people, share with me your sleeping Donghae pics.
Or other boy/girl/kitten/whatever sleeping pics.
Or discuss how very dirty/happy/snuggly looking at pics of boys sleeping makes you feel : )

Go, go, go!
Super Junior: Yesung

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Hello! This is my first post here in omona_ham~

So Infinite just debuted this week and I REALLY want to get to know them except I don't know their names lol and I can't find a pimp post for them anywhere. ;_;

Can you help me? :D