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MOD POST: Why hello everyone! Omona_Ham is back up! Changes and updates!


If you haven't noticed yet (which you probably haven't) I've taken over Omona_Ham as the new moderator! This place hasn't been active in a REALLY long time so I want to try and get this place alive and moving again. For those of you who don't know me:

Hi! I'm Jamie and I'm 24 and a social work major working toward my masters. I've been in Kpop for 10 years now and have seen and gone though the many changes it has gone through. I'm dating a wonderful woman who takes up a little part of my time, but for the most part other than being very busy/having a life OUTSIDE of the internet world, I am here very often. If you ever need anything, if I don't get to you right away, I will within the day you ask. Any important mod posts (which honestly-This is O_Ham, they won't need to happen that often) will be under !Listen up! Jamie is shouting!.

That being said, one of the changes that I plan on making to here: There will be daily FFA posts. This is a spamming community, FFA's are for spamming. In between that you can make any posts you guys want for people to spam you with.Got it? Good =D

Here is what the themed FFA days will be-Each post will be made at 9:30PM Eastern time(-If I am late, I apologize):

Monday: Kpop girls!
Tuesday: Kpop Boys!
Wednesday: NSFW Wednesday (this post will be behind a cut for those who are under age and so on)
Thursday: FFA-Post whatever you want
Friday: Your favorite gif/macro/picture of the week


The only rules that I will enforce the most are- all NSFW posts need to be under a cut (duh) and that no more than 1 gif per comment and 2 pictures/macros per comment. Comment as MANY times as you want, but keep in mind for those who have slow running computers.

ALSO! I will open up membership here for the next 2 weeks for anyone who wants to join. We need to be active again!

Any questions? Feel free to use this post to ask them.
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